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Rhythms Sermon Recap from 4.29.18

"Standing Firm"

TEXTS: Philippians 4:1-8


1. The Apostle Paul admonishes believers to “stand firm in the faith.” This can be difficult to do depending on the circumstances we are facing. But we can prepare and equip ourselves to stand firm by giving serious consideration to the five insights to standing firm that follow Paul’s admonishment.

2. If we desire to stand firm, we must be committed to uncommon unity. Paul mentions a conflict between two women in the church and calls upon them to resolve it. If we fail to handle conflict in the appropriate manner, we will struggle to stand firm in our faith.

3. If we desire to stand firm, we must always rejoice. Rejoicing is an attitude and a choice. The Lord calls us to rejoice even in the midst of difficult circumstances. This is possible because Jesus is always good. Our circumstances do not dictate our ability to rejoice--the Lord’s constant and faithful goodness does.

4. If we desire to stand firm, we must be reasonable. A reasonable believer brings calm to the chaos around them, has the right perspective, and remembers that God is and always will be in control. They don’t allow themselves to get drawn into the outrage around them nor do they get beaten down into despair by every headline and decision.

5. If we desire to stand firm, we must turn our worries into prayer. Jesus offers us peace in the place of worry. We respond to His offer by praying about what burdens us. We can even thank Him before He answers because we know He hears our prayers and whatever answer He gives will be perfect.

6. If we desire to stand firm, we must dwell on Jesus. Our minds are going to be filled with something and we cannot just let that happen. We must intentionally decide to dwell on the person and work of Christ. This equips us to stand firm by teaching us to choose Christ.



1. What does it mean to stand firm? How would you define it?

2. What truths do you focus on in your personal life that help you to rejoice when you are tempted to grumble and complain? What are the verses and truths that equip you to rejoice always?

3. What are some helpful practices that enable a believer to dwell on Jesus? What are the routine and common things you do each day to ensure that you are dwelling on Christ?

4. What are some healthy and/or biblical ways to resolve and handle conflict?



Pray as you feel led concerning the following area(s):

- That we are filled with the Lord's peace

- That we would be a people committed to rejoicing in and about Christ


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