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Rhythms Sermon Recap from 4.29.18

"Wholesome Homes Cures Violent Communities"



1. The Bible is written to and through a very broken world. The ‘messiness’ found in biblical content often reveals the great grace that God gives to humanity.

2. God seemingly gives His people strange instructions as they battle for and inhabit the Promised Land (instructions concerning who to marry, how to deal with offspring, and other marital/familial issues). The Lord is seeking to keep His people from rebellion, and this is done through wholesome and peacemaking households.

3. What is a sure way to raise ungodly kids? Allow your home to be a ‘warzone’. If you let your household become an environment full of anger, hostility, tension, and strife, the next generation will struggle in responding to the gospel and God’s great grace.

4. The Bible instructs all believers to ‘honor their father and mother’, making this a key area of obedience by attaching a significant promise to this instruction. Believers would be wise to take seriously this biblical command, and obedience to it seemingly opens our lives up to receiving the blessings that heaven would desire to pour out.

5. How might fathers provoke their children to anger? (1) Too much correction without any affirmation, and (2) neglect (coupled with a ‘hovering’ mother).

6. There are strategic seasons where Christian fathers must be prepared to be “hands-on” in the lives of their children. Christian fathers must be committed to repentance and prayer so that they are able to discern when these crucial moments are unfolding in their children’s lives. Often, extra care, grace, affirmation, correction, and love is required in order for a child to not become provoked to anger. The presence of a father is crucial in helping a child navigate and process seasons of life where they are tempted towards rebellion.

7. God expects you to love and honor your spouse (even if they are rightfully considered to be an ‘ex’). God calls His children to be peacemakers and offers grace to us despite the sometimes-messy circumstances of our lives, but does expect for us to do all that we can to create wholesome and peaceful households.



1. Why would God attach such a significant promise to the honoring of our earthly parents? Aren't there more important commands to focus on that should have such promises attached to them? Why this one?

2. What are some ways in which tension and strife can build up in a household? Considering our 21st Century context, what are some practices and/or habits that could contribute to a home becoming a 'warzone'?

3. What seasons of life do Christian fathers need to be prepared for specifically? What are the strategic seasons in which they will need to be "hands-on"?

4. The Bible is messy. What does that phrase communicate to you?

5. What is the Bible talking about when it mentions a child being provoked to anger?



Pray into the following areas:

  • For blended families to experience peace and unity

  • For the marriages in our church to be healthy and strong

  • For the young people in our church to honor their parents

  • Thankfulness for God's great grace


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