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God Loves You

"God loves you." It may be one the most frequently proclaimed phrases inside Christian churches. It's probably something you have told your children, family, and the unbelievers you find yourself witnessing to. We sing songs about God's love for us most Sundays and read books to reassure ourselves of the steadfast love He extends to our fragile hearts. But what happens when doubt starts to creep in? When our stomachs sink because we feel overwhelmingly confused and alone? When we wonder if God really does love us?

Let's Start Here

First, we should take a look at how we are tabulating God's love for us--what are we basing it on? Believers often find themselves tempted to determine God's love for them based on circumstances, their desires being met, material blessings, and their roller-coaster like emotions. But this is not how we know God's love for us. It just doesn't work.

For us, as believers in America, we live quite comfortably. Our pantries are full, entertainment and enjoyment are everywhere, we live in climate-controlled homes, and drive cars to get anywhere we need to. We don't fear the government abusing us for our faith or taking our Bibles away. But this is not the case for Christians in other parts of the world. Brothers and sisters in Christ who live in the midst of bomb blasts, rubble, famine, and daily fear of what their faith may cost them. So, does God love us more than He loves them? Of course not! It seems silly to consider such an idea as even remotely true. But if we base God's love on circumstances and material, it would say He does. And it just doesn't work.

What Proves It?

The quality and comfort of our lives does not prove God's love for us. For that proof, we must look to the cross. God proves His love at Calvary. Naked, beaten, bloody, and gasping for air, Jesus hung in your place for your sins. That validates and proves God's love for us--not the quality of our lives or a romanticized reading of how we are the "apple of His eye."

The cross should crush any doubts we have about God's love for us. If you are in a season of suspicion and doubt, don't primarily look around--look backwards. To the hill where three men dangled on rough, wooden crosses. Focus on the one in the middle--your Savior. He's there for you. So you know your sins can be forgiven and that you are loved.


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