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What Tiredness Can Teach

It’s 2019—a new year (and potentially a new start depending on how you look at it). Many view the new year as a time to reboot, recalculate, and reorder their lives. While reflecting on the prior year’s successes and failures, we adjust personal and family goals. But, if we are honest, most of us are probably just tired. The busyness of the holidays wore us down and we enter the new year just hoping to catch our breath. Don’t worry—you are not alone. And there are even some lessons to be learned from your tiredness.


We often find our worlds spinning out of control when we are tired. The slightest hiccup can send us reeling. In those moments, we can see just how much we want to control our lives. We want things to go our way, on our time frame, and, when we are overly tired, can become irrationally frustrated when it doesn't. It is in our tiredness we can see just how much we need God. When we are well rested and feeling great, it is easy to think we are in control and can handle anything life throws our way. Our tiredness awakens us to the reality of just how frail we are. Truthfully, our tiredness points us towards the greatest reality—we can’t sustain ourselves. We are in need of God every moment of every day.


Given the chance, most of us would probably try to zip through life without ever asking for help. It is easy—especially in our culture—to reject the idea the we were made to depend on God and others. But tiredness can wipe away the illusion that we are self-sufficient. In our tiredness, we are more likely to ask for help; more likely to ask for prayer. It helps us realize just how limited we are and opens the door for a brother or sister in Christ to serve the Lord by serving you.


When we are exhausted we are more likely to let our guard down and the negative that is in our hearts can come pouring out. We should pay attention to where our mind wanders and the reasons behind our sinful outbursts that come when we are tired. Do they come as a result of being impatient? Selfish? Lazy? And yeah, we can blame it on being tired, but really tiredness is just unmasking what is already in us. Tiredness can help us identify our sin so we can seek to kill it. Take special note of which temptations you battle when you are tired and make sure you begin to pray for strength in that area of your life.


Being weak in body can cause us to become discouraged and weary in our souls. Often when we are tired we use that as an excuse to neglect spiritual disciplines. We skip out on prayer and Bible reading because, quite frankly, they don’t seem all that important to our weak minds and bodies. But it is in our tiredness that we can find out just how powerful God’s Word is. Even if it is only for a brief time, going to God’s Word can strengthen and encourage us. We must prioritize the Word of God—especially when we are weak and tired. It will sustain, give life, and position our lives to be refreshed and renewed.

Go To Bed

Being exhausted isn’t fun, but it is a part of life. Use your tiredness as an opportunity to trust in the Lord and grow in His grace. And never stop asking Him to give you rest and sleep so you can advance His Kingdom in this world!


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