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Rhythms Sermon Recap from 4.29.18

"Heaven's Power Requires Good Conductors"

TEXTS: Luke 8:1-6; Matt. 5:9-15; Luke 3; James 3:13-17


1. The NT reminds us that both a demon-possessed woman and a rich woman accompanied Jesus on His ministry team. This reveals that neither sin nor this material world will satisfy the human soul–only Jesus will.

2. God calls us His people to be salt and light to the unbelieving world. He wants His power to flow through our lives so that people are set free (ourselves included). But this requires that we are good conductors. Meaning, our lives must be full of the right attitudes and actions if we desire for God’s power to flow in and through us.

3. To be good conductors we should strive to: (1) be peacemakers everywhere we go, (2) show mercy to others, (3) live a righteous life that sets us apart from the unbelieving world, and (4) remove selfishness from our hearts.

4. The Holy Spirit is given to God’s children so that we have the power to defeat the enemy. Many people assume that following Christ and being filled with His Spirit is primarily about receiving an easier and better earthly life. But no such promise is directly made in the Word of God. Believers are instead promised the Spirit’s power so that we are able to defeat spiritual wickedness.

5. There is a distinct possibility that God passes over and refrains from using us if we are bad conductors. If our lives are not in a position to handle God’s power rightly, the Lord won’t pour out His Spirit to the degree that He would desire to.

6. Don’t use the gifts and position the Lord has given you to take advantage of others. Believers should be quick to offer help and to use their giftings to elevate the life of those around them.



1. What are some possible actions and attitudes that would cause the Lord to pass us over and prevent Him from pouring out His power on us?

2. What does it mean to be a peacemaker? What does/should this practically look like?

3. How have you noticed the Holy Spirit bringing about victory over spiritual wickedness in your own personal walk with the Lord?

4. Can you think of a testimony concerning how a fellow believer used their giftings to elevate your life? What happened and what gifting was on display?



Pray as you feel led concerning the following areas:

- To be good conductors who are ready for God's power

- To be peacemakers who show mercy to others


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