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Rhythms Sermon Recap from 4.29.18

"Change of Address"

TEXT: Mal. 4; John 14:3; Matt. 6:25-33



1. The children of God—His covenant people—must have an eternal perspective while living their earthly lives.

2. God doesn’t want us to be filled with anxiousness concerning our daily and ‘normal’ needs. Jesus’ words in Matthew 6 regarding this area of life applies to all people and all cultures throughout all time periods. Meaning, it doesn’t matter when or where you live, your Heavenly Father does not want you to be filled with fear and anxiety about such things.

3. What does it look like to put the Kingdom of God first? We are to be committed to: (1) prayer, (2) worship, and (3) fellowship. Maturing in our understanding of what those commitments looks like—both personally and corporately—will steer us towards fulfilling Jesus’ admonition to put His Kingdom first.

4. No individual believer can worship God alone; the true worship of God takes place communally.

5. If a child of God fails to mature in their personal view of prayer, worship, and fellowship, this 'world' will prevent them from having a healthy eternal perspective regarding life and what comes ‘next’.



1. What does it mean to have an eternal perspective? What Scriptures come to mind when considering this topic?

2. Why would our Heavenly Father steer us away from fretting over our daily, basic needs? What is He trying to communicate to His children? To the world?

3. How are prayer, worship, and fellowship connected? Can a believer be committed to one of these without being committed to the other two?

4. How does the world "rob" believers of their eternal perspective? How does this practically "play out" as individuals move through the various seasons of their lives?



Pray as you feel led concerning the following areas:

- Lifewise Academy (Biblical instruction that is offered to the public-school students of Hardin County)

- To be rightly committed to prayer, worship, and fellowship

- That the proper 'eternal perspective' would grip the hearts of the men in our church and community


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