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Rhythms Sermon Recap from 4.29.18

TEXTS: 1 Corinthians


1. Worldly success has no eternal value. We should plan and prepare for this aspect of our lives, but we must be careful to not make it a higher priority than eternal matters.

2. We are saved to do good works--not just to go to heaven when we die.

3. We covered all the previous truths we have gleaned from our journey through 1 Corinthians. There are (10) specific truths we must consider if we wish to properly mature in our spiritual and earthly lives. We must plan:

  • how to minimize jealousy and strife.

  • how to honor our chosen spiritual leaders.

  • how to dis-fellowship with unrepentant Christians.

  • what should be spoken about and debated in a public setting.

  • how to handle nakedness (our own, our children's, and the nakedness of others).

  • how to please our spouses.

  • how we handle and live out our personal liberties and freedoms.

  • how to work the fields and advance the Kingdom of God.

  • how to do all things to the glory of God.

  • how not to offend God and our culture.

4. Although we should be wise about offending our culture, we should stand for truth when presented with a choice that forces us to decide between whether we will please God or offend our culture.

5. The 21st Century has introduced us to a widely available public setting--social media. We need to be aware of what we post and say through this medium. If we don't plan on how we will use and interact with social media we will likely end up participating in an offensive and unwise manner.



1. Why is reducing the Christian faith down to going to heaven when we die such a dangerous and misleading concept?

2. What do you think it looks like to wisely and lovingly dis-fellowship with an unrepentant follower of Christ? What would this practically look like and what could doing this possibly call us to do?

3. Of the ten truths that we reviewed, which one is the most difficult for you to plan? Why? Which one is the easiest for you to plan? Why?

4. What are some example of the issues where we must offend our culture in order to please God? What are some examples of issues that are not worth offending our culture over?

5. How should committed and mature believers view and handle the public setting of social media? What should we be teaching our children about this area of life?



Pray as you feel led concerning the following area(s):

- Making eternal matters a priority

- Wisdom concerning how to plan out the areas where we are weak and grace to continue to plan out the areas where we are strong


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