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Rhythms Sermon Recap from 4.29.18

"The Great Divide"

TEXTS: Luke 12; Matt. 20


1. There is no “welfare” in the Kingdom of God–only workers. Believers are required to work to advance the Kingdom in their own lives and in the world. It is tempting to assess our own spiritual efforts and assume that God “owes” us something. Meaning, we can often think that since we do a certain activity or spiritual discipline that our lives will be easier and that God owes us some sort of blessing.

2. Jesus calls us to Kingdom work and requires that our hearts stay full of passion for His presence and His Kingdom.

3. The “pay” for Kingdom work is equal for all–eternal life. What we receive is so grand that it should inform our passions continually while providing motivation to advance God’s Kingdom.

4. How can someone ensure that they are living a life that advances God’s Kingdom? They need to focus on: (1) being diligent concerning what they allow into their minds, (2) having a proper fear of God, and (3) treating others in the way Scripture commands us to deal with and view those around us.

5. What is the “great divide” that Jesus desires to take place in our lives? As we grow and mature in our spiritual lives there should be an increasing divide between who we are presently and who we were before Jesus rescued us.



1. How can/does a child of God ensure that their hearts stay passionate about God's Kingdom? What is necessary to do so that our passion for Christ and His Kingdom doesn't fade away?

2. How has receiving eternal life shaped your present day life? How should it?

3. What steps have you personally taken to guard what goes into your mind? What are some questions we may need to ask ourselves about this area of life so that we pursue righteousness without becoming legalistic?

4. What is the greatest divide you have noticed in your own heart and life since you have decided to serve and follow Christ (Truth 5)?



Pray as you feel led concerning the following areas:

- For transformation and growth

- Working to advance the Kingdom of God


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