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Rhythms Sermon Recap from 4.29.18


TEXTS: Gen. 1:9-10; Luke 1:46-55


1. Biblical history records how God prepared the lineage of Christ and established the line of humanity in which Jesus would come to earth through. God knew–even before He created the world–what would take place upon it and how He would carry out His redemption of it.

2. It is easy to assume that when God mentions loving the world He is talking solely about humans. While we know that to be true, we can also see that He loves the physical world He created. He loves what He made and how He has prepared it for human life.

3. Followers of Christ should strive to live humble lives. Incessant arguing over our disagreements does not produce the righteousness of Christ. We should consider that it is possible that we do not always know the “best” answer concerning any given situation or circumstance.

4. If the generations below us sense and see that we are bored with our faith, their hearts will be turned away from the truth of God’s Word. They must witness us intentionally seeking to pass our faith on and that our trust in Christ causes us to engage the world around us in a way that unbelievers do not.

5. It is tempting to grow up in our culture and view God only as a “tool” that we can access and use to fix the messes in our lives. Rather than our hearts being in awe of Him, we simply want to use Him to get what we want.

6. God is faithful to the faithful. We should examine our hearts and lives to see if we are faithful.

7. God responds: (1) to those who are humble, (2) to those who are in awe of Him, (3) to those who fear Him, and (4) to those who desire His presence and guidance.



1. What does God loving the world communicate to you? What truth(s) does it reveal?

2. Can you think of any examples of how we may use God? Are there any false ways to view spiritual life that would cause us to approach the Lord in this flawed manner?

3. How can a believer discern if they are being faithful? What questions should they be asking themselves?



Pray as you feel led concerning the following areas:

- For opportunities to share the goodness of God this Christmas season

- To be in awe of the Lord and His work


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