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Rhythms Sermon Recap from 4.29.18

An Extended Time of Prayer + Worship

We experienced and participated in an extended time of prayer and worship this past Sunday morning. Hearts were stirred to repent, encourage others, pray, and to simply enjoy the peace that God's presence brings. In the 'Truths' section below you will find some of the truths that the Holy Spirit expressed to our church this past worship service (which were delivered through various methods and giftings).



Our repentance of sin will bring about a sense of "refreshment" in our souls. We can go about our lives and become weary in our souls (especially as we battle personal and corporate sinful tendencies). Repentance brings about fresh and helpful perspectives that reinvigorate and energize our hearts.

We are experiencing a "season of repentance" at our church. This should fill our hearts with hope because we know that Jesus will help us overcome sin and temptation. In other words, a season of repentance can also be viewed as a season of victory and growth.

Our chief identity should be built upon our relationship with the Lord.

Repent of thoughts and actions that are motivated by self-hatred. Followers of Christ can easily become filled with overly negative thoughts that cause them to adopt a harmful view of self. Such thinking often keeps us from experiencing many of God's blessings.

There are some things about our pasts that do not need to be revisited or focused upon. To repent of some past sins may mean that we leave it in the past and refrain from placing focus on it as we move forward in our lives and spiritual growth.



1. What stood out to you during the past Lord's Day service?

2. How does a believer go about repenting of self-hatred? What are some changes that one would have to make in order to overcome such a sin?

3. What does it mean to form your chief identity based on your relationship with the Lord?

4. What does it mean to leave some things in the past? How have you accomplished this in your own journey with the Lord?



Pray as you feel led concerning the following areas:

- For God to give us hearts of repentance

- For victory, breakthrough, salvations, and revival


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