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Rhythms Sermon Recap from 4.29.18

"The Blessed Life"

TEXT: 1 John 2:14; 1 Cor. 16



1.The following points represent testimonies and/or truths that were shared on Sunday morning concerning our recent mission's trip to El Salvador: (1) we must pray for laborers to be sent out into the harvest, (2) receiving ministry is a privilege, (3) every believer has something to give and something to receive, and (4) genuine ministry is done in a spirit of “togetherness”.

2. Masculinity has the power to destroy or to build up. Men, and the decisions they make, greatly impact the lives of the people around them.

3. Strong men do not hurt people—they keep hell back.

4. There is no such thing as a completely private life. Meaning, what you do in private will inevitably, in one way or another, impact others. Private sin, which we can foolishly assume harms only ourselves, will negatively impact the people in your life. Conversely, practicing righteousness in private will have a positive impact on those around you.

5. Children of God must be willing to do a hard thing so that they can bless others.

6. Truly making Jesus the King of your life will fill your life with joy. Making such a decision will not make your life easier or more comfortable, but it will bring supernatural peace, contentment, and joy.



1. What highlight from the mission team resonated with you? What has the Lord used their testimonies to remind you of?

2. How does masculinity impact the lives of other people? What does this practically look like concerning family, work, church, and any other areas of life that come to mind?

3. What does it mean to "keep hell back"? How do strong men accomplish this (think of a variety of ways)?

4. How does private sin impact our public lives? And the lives of those around us? What does this process look like?

5. What does it mean to make Jesus the King of your life (think of as many bible verses as you can)?



Pray into the following areas:

  • In thankfulness for the return of our mission team (and their testimonies)

  • For the men of Abundant Life; spirit-empowered obedience

  • For those who were baptized on Sunday (continue making steps of obedience)

  • That the Spirit would help us make Jesus the King of our lives


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