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Rhythms Sermon Recap from 4.29.18

"The Mark of the Lamb"

TEXTS: Rev. 17:14; Psalm 37


1. Should a local church’s worship service be considered “fun?” Although there are certainly enjoyable aspects of gathering together to worship the risen Christ, the focus shouldn’t be on creating a “fun” environment. Why? The Christian life and the Kingdom of God is much too serious to focus on such a subjective and trivial thing. Focusing on people’s fun, enjoyment, and comfort will not equip the saints to fight the battle they face when they leave the building.

2. Throughout the OT and in much of the Psalms a literal physical enemy is being talked about. This provides a picture of the war we face. But instead of a physical enemy, we war against deceptive thought processes, ideas, concepts, and worldviews. And the battle is of utmost importance. What we believe and hold in our minds directly affects our decisions and the trajectory of our lives (and our eternities).

3. What is faithfulness? Faithfulness is to be in agreement with the Lord and His people. To be unfaithful is to separate yourself from God and His people and begin to make decisions all on your own.

4. We must seek and expect God to personally touch our hearts and lives. Without some personal and intimate touches from the Lord, we will struggle to delight in Christ and His Word.

5. What are some of the characteristics that mark us as followers of the Lamb? (1) We regularly worship the Lord, (2) serve God and others, (3) are generous, (4) obey His commands, and (5) work to get rid of anger, malice, and wrath.

6. What does it mean to be meek? Meekness is shown by using our strength to protect rather than to oppress.

7. God does not want us fretting over the enemies who attack our faith. God will sort that out and the Bible proclaims that the wicked will be ensnared and caught in their own traps.



1. What should a local church focus on when they gather? How should they communicate the seriousness of what we are called to? What can they practically do to convey this?

2. What does it mean to have the Lord “personally touch your life?” How have you observed this happening in your own walk with Christ?

3. Why is making decisions all on your own such a dangerous thing to do? Also, what kind of decisions should we refrain from making all by ourselves?



Pray as you feel led concerning the following area(s):

- That the coming generations would submit to the Lord rather than rebel

- That our lives would be marked by characteristics that point others to Jesus


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