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Rhythms Sermon Recap from 4.29.18

"Christians Are Narrow"

TEXTS: Matthew 5-7; Deut. 28


1. Deuteronomy 28 lays out both the blessings and curses that can flow into and through the life of every believer. What determines which will flow into your life? It is dependent upon how trust and obey the Word of God.

2. The Sermon on the Mount begins with Jesus addressing our internal temptations and motivations. He speaks of anger, lust, declaring oaths, revenge, and loving our enemies. Jesus starts with the condition of our hearts because it shapes virtually every decision we make and each action we commit.

3. The sixth chapter (the middle of the SOTM) starts exactly the same way as the previous chapter–with a warning. After addressing the internal motivations of the heart, Jesus moves on to talking about our external actions.

4. Jesus warns us to not help the poor and needy simply to be recognized and noticed for our charitable actions. We are instead called to give and expect nothing in return.

5. Jesus calls us to prayer and helps us understand that our prayers can change the generations that will follow us and restore the sin and iniquity that previous generations struggled with.

6. Believers lay treasures up in heaven when they practice righteous living with the right motivation in their hearts.

7. Jesus also calls us to fast and to resist a life of anxiousness. Our desire for God’s presence should be continually growing and our trust in Him as Provider should be guiding our hearts.

8. It takes lots of prayers and time to restore what sin has destroyed. The blessings of God can flow more easily into the life of a believer if past generations have been faithful to pray and sow seeds of righteousness.

9. Keep a short list of what makes you mad and strive to be quick to forgive. If we allow offenses and bitterness to fill our hearts it will lead us into falsehoods and unrighteousness.



1. Is it significant that Jesus addresses our internal motivations first in the SOTM? Why or why not?

2. How can we discern if we are simply being charitable in order to receive praise and adulation? Are there any subtle thoughts or motivations that may be present if someone is practicing charity to others for recognition and applause?

3. What are the right motivations that should be present in our hearts as we practice righteousness? How do the motivations of our heart change and how does a believer change their motivations if they realize they are serving the Lord with the wrong ones in their heart?

4. Are there any practical steps that we can take to help ensure we don’t live a life of anger and have continual offenses against others in our hearts?

5. For many, the past generations of their family did NOT pray and sow seeds of righteousness (Truth 8). This reality can be discouraging for some. How should a believer in this situation view their faith, prayers, and obedience to God?



Pray as you feel led concerning the following areas:

- That our hearts would be filled with the right motivations

- That our hearts would be free from bitterness and offenses


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