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Rhythms Sermon Recap from 4.29.18

"Better Than That"

TEXTS: Matt. 13:31; Php. 3:17


1. Our citizenship in heaven is of far greater value than any experience we may have while going about our earthly lives. What our heavenly citizenship secures for us is far better than any earthly experience we may become familiar with (even the ones that could be considered healthy and good).

2. We should examine ourselves to see if a joyful anticipation of Christ’s return is present within our hearts and is motivating the decisions we make throughout our lives.

3. Just like the invasive mustard tree, the Kingdom of God is unstoppable. The Kingdom of God can often appear as something small and insignificant, and its' growth and flourishing seem impossible, but the Lord is building His Church and we will arrive where the Lord intends for His Church to be.

4. When studying the history of the Church, you will find three major revivals taking place during the 17,18, and 1900’s. These (3) major moves of God have brought about the proclamation of the gospel throughout the entire world (a work that is still very much in progress). We can see that the parable of the mustard seed rings very true when we consider that the work that eventually brought about these three revivals started with only 120 people praying together in a crowded room.

5. Although we should be extremely grateful for the freedoms afforded to us as citizens of America, we need to be cautious about making American citizenship a bigger deal than our citizenship in heaven.



1. How should the return of Christ shape our decisions and attitudes? Why is it so important for a believer to meditate and think upon the return of our Savior?

2. In what ways should the parable of the mustard seed encourage the people of God? What hope and assurances does this truth/parable offer to the children of God?

3. What are the implications of our heavenly citizenship? Where does your mind go when you hear that you are a citizen of heaven first and foremost?

4. In what ways can Christians make American citizenship a bigger deal than heavenly citizenship?



Pray as you feel led concerning the following areas:

- Rejoicing over our heavenly citizenship

- For revival; that there would be a FOURTH major move of God


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